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  • Travis Bowen

The Connection Between Asset Protection Planning And Insurance Planning

Asset Protection Planning and Insurance Planning work hand-in-hand to protect you, your family and your business: one without the other makes you vulnerable and susceptible to unnecessary risks. Your legal structure should be underpinned by the proper property, casualty, commercial, and life (and health) insurances.

The risk of unexpected or untimely death is inherent to every business owner. Not having enough cash for final/funeral expenses, liquidity for your family or your business or existing debt with no ability to pay it – can be catastrophic for your family and your business. Every entrepreneur and business owner should have adequate life insurance coverage.

Please contact Suzanne Roberds (, our Client Services Manager, to discuss your Estate Plan in the context of having adequate life insurance coverage to ensure your family and your business have the liquidity they need in the event of your untimely death.

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